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  • The South African National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (SANCA) Soweto is an Out-patient community based Treatment Centre that was established in 1980 by SANCA Johannesburg. It came into existence as a response to growing problems of Substance Abuse in Soweto.


  • SANCA Soweto is a non-profit making organization which concerns itself with matters pertaining to the use and misuse of alcohol and drugs.


  • The population growth of Soweto, the prevalence of drugs, the demand for substances treatment programmes and political evolution made the organization to be available to render its services for harm reduction and fighting substance abuse within the community


  • In 2002 SANCA Soweto got its autonomy from SANCA Johannesburg and now independent under the affiliation of SANCA National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence.


  • SANCA Soweto has a rich tradition of developing Programmes for addicted children and adults and also addressing substance abuse in the early stages of addiction.


  • Our role is to rehabilitate those who are abusing drugs, alcohol and inhalants and focus on all sectors of society, as addiction knows no barriers to aspects such as class, age, race or gender




  • To be the most effective and efficient organisation in the field of prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug dependence in our communities.

  • Specialized accessibility and affordability

  • Provide a platform for development

  • Contribute towards policy development

  • Advocacy for service user

  • To raise funds in order to maintain the mentioned services.

  • To increase public understanding of the nature and treatment of chemical substance dependency.

  • To enhance the physical, social, emotional and psychological function of those who receive treatment.

  • To promote comprehensive, cost-effective rehabilitation services to individuals and their families.   



  • Excellence

  • Integrity

  • Confidentiality

  • Accountability

  • Empathy

  • Humility



Paper Abstract


I am Ashlyn, I came to SANCA Soweto lost in drugs, particularly crystal meth. I thought I could not cope without it, the substance affected my mental wellbeing. I began attending counselling services on Thursdays. I am without the paranoia and self-hate I had when I first came to SANCA. I am grateful for the gift of life and the recovery I have made so far. I am also grateful for the help I am offered. The social worker did not judge me, I was helped to understand my self-worth.

Paper Abstract


I am Mondli and I used drugs and alcohol while I was still a small boy from the ages of 8-10 years. I saw that I was powerless over my addiction and my life was unmanageable before I admitted I needed help from my family and SANCA.


My life was depended on people taking decisions for me. The N/A program showed me the new way of life - that one is too many and a thousand is never enough, I was not in great space. In my mind I was insane, my life was unmanageable, the step mark I did really help me all and I saw that service keeping you clean and I must work on fire pillars and my spiritual principles will keep me alive and clean and will show me the way of life, I learned that a person in the N/A program stays clean. SANCA really helped me due, I did so to it I may be still in the streets of dirty, my social worker was also helpful. Without using as following my five pillars am nothing and I must work the program and let go and let god, and we don’t promote the attrite because you can’t promoted you can artic


Since am in the N/A program am back into sainty  and my life is being to be more munerable  due to my open-minded, honesty and willingness, even the aftercare SANCA helps me   even now and my some social workers still help. Thanks to SANCA and N/A fellowship for the help.

Paper Abstract


My name is Sibusiso and I am a patient @ SANCA Soweto and my journey began with my downfall from a silly crime i have commended taking empty battles and selling them for R2.00 each bottle just to feed the craving I had.


Referred from Orlando court to sanca really changed my life, 28/06/2022 is the day I get help and met the organisation and sister Loraine my archer all through out who is my social worker helped me a lot by guiding me this whole this two months of recovering. Thank you a lot for the encouragement from my family and most of all the sanca team (sister Loraine) and my partner. As I am drafting this testimony its my 2nd drug test and I am free from drugs (crystal meth) for 09 days. I hope and also believe that I will make it.

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